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Zertifiziert ISO 9001:2008
Wandfluh SM GmbH   Silbersteinstraße 3,  D-97424 Schweinfurt  Tel.  09721 7765-0 Fax  09721 7765-65
Contract manufacturing

The daily business calls every minute to adjust constantly to arising new problems.

In mechanical engineering, it means to work with a variety of materials ( Aluminum, VA, Inconel ) , with various activities ( from lathe machining , milling, grinding up to the vertical jointing) and the diverse materials treatments (of gas nitriding , hardening, anodizing and other head treatment) - use our experiences . The words " that does not exist" or" that’s not possible" you will very rarely hear from us and if we have to say them, we will recommend you a business partner who can fulfill your demands.

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