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Zertifiziert ISO 9001:2008
Wandfluh SM GmbH   Silbersteinstraße 3,  D-97424 Schweinfurt  Tel.  09721 7765-0 Fax  09721 7765-65
Range of services

The particular strength of the company SM Sondermaschinenbau GmbH is specializing in tasks that have to do with automation, handling and/or installation.

Send your request, if you would like to do the following: washing parts, preserving, screwing, rotating, aligning, measuring, packing, sorting, transporting, stamping.

  • Whether you press us your parts in our hands and describe what to do
  • Whether you need to meet rigid specifications
  • Whether you request parts formed after your own design
  • Whether you want to optimize your existing system
  • Whether you are planning a new development of a product

Just get in touch with us, talk to us, if you are thinking about something "special ".

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